The Required Certificates Include

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1.Organic certification Certificate and Organic Product Transaction Certificate(organic TC): This is a certificate that must be obtained for exporting organic food to ensure that the product meets the organic certification requirements of the exporting country. ("Organic TC” refers to a standard document for the international circulation of organic food, beverages and other organic agricultural products. It is to ensure that the production and trade of organic products comply with international organic standards, which include prohibiting the use of chemical substances such as chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and veterinary drugs, and following sustainable agricultural production methods. The main role is to assess and certify the formality and fairness of organic farming.)

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2.Inspection report: Exported organic food needs to be inspected and certified, and an inspection report is required to ensure that the product meets the quality and safety requirements.

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3.Certificate of Origin: Prove the origin of the product to ensure compliance with the requirements of the exporting country.

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4.Packaging and labeling list: The packing list needs to list all export products in detail, including product name, quantity, weight, amount, packaging type, etc., and the label needs to be marked according to the requirements of the exporting country.

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5. Transportation insurance certificate: to ensure the safety of products during transportation and protect the interests of export enterprises. These certificates and services ensure product quality and compliance and facilitate smooth cooperation with customers.