Cosmetic Raw Materials

  • Alpha-glucosylrutin Powder(AGR) for Cosmetics

    Alpha-glucosylrutin Powder(AGR) for Cosmetics

    Botanical Source: Scphora japonica L.
    Extraction Part: Flower Bud
    Spec.:90% HPLC
    CAS No.: 130603-71-3
    Chem/IUPAC Name: 4(G)-alpha-Glucopyranosyl-rutinα-glucosylrutin; AGR
    COSING REF No: 56225
    Functions: Antioxidant; Anti-photoaging; Photoprotective;High water solubility; Stability;
    Application: Pharmaceutical Industry; Cosmetic Industry; Food and Beverage Industry; Supplement Industry; Research and Development

  • Sophorae Japonica Fruit Extract Pure Genistein Powder

    Sophorae Japonica Fruit Extract Pure Genistein Powder

    Latin Origin: Fructus Sophorae
    Other names: Sophorae Japonica Fruit Extract, Locust Fruit Extract
    Used Part: Fruits
    Appearance: Off-white fine or light-yellow powder
    CAS #: 446-72-0
    Specification: ≥98% 80 mesh
    MF: C15H10O5
    MW: 270.23
    Application: pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and research

  • Enzymatically Modified Isoquercitrin(EMIQ)

    Enzymatically Modified Isoquercitrin(EMIQ)

    Product Name: Sophora Japonica Extract
    Botanical Name: Sophora japonica L.
    Part Used: Flower Bud
    Appearance: Light Greenish Yellow powder
    • Heat resistance for food processing
    • Light stability for product protection
    • High water solubility for liquid products
    • 40 times greater absorption than regular quercetin

  • High-quality Pure Troxerutin Powder(EP)

    High-quality Pure Troxerutin Powder(EP)

    Product Name: Sophora Japonica Extract
    Botanical Name: Sophora japonica L.
    Part Used: Flower Bud
    Appearance: Light Greenish Yellow powder
    Chemical Formula: C33H42O19
    Molecular Weight: 742.675
    CAS No.: 7085-55-4
    EINECS No.: 230-389-4
    Physical and Chemical properties
    Density: 1.65 g/cm3
    Melting Point: 168-176ºC
    Boiling Point: 1058.4ºC
    Flash Point: 332ºC
    Refractive Index: 1.690

  • Factory Supply Pelargonium Sidoides Root Extract

    Factory Supply Pelargonium Sidoides Root Extract

    Other Names: Wild Geranium Root Extract/African Geranium Extract
    Latin Name: Pelargonium hortorum Bailey
    Specification: 10:1, 4:1, 5:1
    Appearance: Brown yellow powder

  • Factory Supply High-quality Chamomile Extract

    Factory Supply High-quality Chamomile Extract

    Latin Name: Matricaria recutita L
    Active Ingredient: Apigenin
    Specifications: Apigenin 1.2%, 2%, 10%, 98% 99%; 4:1, 10:1
    Test Methord: HPLC, TLC
    Apprearance: Brown-yellow to off-white powder.
    CAS No: 520-36-5
    Part used: Flower

  • Konjac Tuber Extract Ceramide

    Konjac Tuber Extract Ceramide

    Another Product Name: Amorphophallus konjac Extract
    Specification: 1%,1.5%,2%,2.5%,3%,5%,10%
    Appearance: White powder
    Source Origin: konjac tubers
    Certificates: ISO 9001 / Halal/Kosher
    Processing Method: Extraction
    Application: Skincare products
    Features: Bioavailability, Stability, Antioxidant functions, Skin Moisture Retention

  • Rice Bran Extract Ceramide

    Rice Bran Extract Ceramide

    Origin: Rice bran
    Latin Name: Oryza sativa L.
    Appearance: off-white loose powder
    Specifications: 1%, 3%, 5%, 10% ,30%HPLC
    Source: Rice Bran Ceramide
    Molecular formula: C34H66NO3R
    Molecular weight: 536.89
    CAS: 100403-19-8
    Mesh: 60 mesh
    Origin of raw materials: China

  • Ascorbyl Glucoside Powder(AA2G)

    Ascorbyl Glucoside Powder(AA2G)

    Melting point: 158-163℃
    Boiling point: 785.6±60.0°C(Predicted)
    Density: 1.83±0.1g/cm3(Predicted)
    Vapor pressure: 0Paat25℃
    Storage conditions: Keepindarkplace,Sealedindry,RoomTemperature
    Solubility: Soluble in DMSO (a little), methanol (a little)
    Acidity coefficient: (pKa)3.38±0.10(Predicted)
    Form: powder
    Color: white to off-white
    Water solubility: Soluble in water.(879g/L)at25°C.

  • High-quality Ascorbyl Palmitate Powder

    High-quality Ascorbyl Palmitate Powder

    Product Name: Ascorbyl palmitate
    Purity: 95%, 98%, 99%
    Appearance: White or yellow-white fine powder
    Synonyms: PALMITOYL L-ASCORBIC ACID;6-hexadecanoyl-l-ascorbicacid;6-monopalmitoyl-l-ascorbate;6-o-palmitoyl ascorbic acid; ascorbic acidpalmitate(ester); ascorbicpalmitate; ascorbyl; ascorbyl monopalmitate
    CAS: 137-66-6
    MF: C22H38O7
    Morecular Weight: 414.53
    EINECS: 205-305-4
    Solubility: Soluble in alcohol, vegetable oil, and animal oil
    Flash point: 113-117°C
    Partition coefficient: logK = 6.00

  • Natural Lutein Microcapsule Powder

    Natural Lutein Microcapsule Powder

    Latin Name:Tagetes erectaL.
    Used Part: Marigold Flowers,
    Lutein powder: UV80%; HPLC5%,10%,20%,80%
    Lutein microcapsules: 5%,10%
    Lutein oil suspension: 5%~20%
    Lutein microcapsule powder: 1%, 5%

  • Caper Spurge Seed Extract

    Caper Spurge Seed Extract

    Other Name: Semen Euphorbiae Extract,Caper Euphorbia Extract,Semen Euphorbiae Lathyridis Extract,Semen Euphorbiae Seed Extract; Caper Spurge Seeds Extract, Moleweed Extract, Gopher Spurge Extract, Gopher Seed Extract, Caper Spurge Extract, Paper Spurge Extract,
    Latin Name: Euphorbia lathylris L
    Parts Used: Seed
    Appearance: Brown fine Powder
    Ratio Extract: 10:1 20:1 Euphorbiasteroid 98% HPLC


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